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Profit Sharing Comparison
Enterprise Edition

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PscNet is the first Web-based pension proposal system providing retirement specialists with the tools needed to effectively illustrate the financial and tax advantages of a particular qualified plan.

Profit Sharing Plan Comparison 2003 Enterprise Edition
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The Enterprise Edition is designed to meet the needs of organizations that complete many plan designs each year and/or where there is more than one user of the system.

This Internet-based system will produce proposals that compare and analyze several qualified plans including Age Weighted and New Comparability.

Side-by-Side Comparison of the following plan types:

Profit Sharing | Integrated Profit Sharing | Defined Benefit | Age Weighted | New Comparability | Money Purchase | Safe Harbor 401(k)| 401(k) | SIMPLE.

Main features:

  • Determines eligibility based on age and service
  • Discrimination Test Analysis
  • Determines Highly Compensated and Key Employees
  • Automatically determines % to owners or key people
  • Automatic adjustment for 415 Limits and Top Heavy Allocation
  • Abides by IRC Section 404 limits on deductible contributions
  • Family Attribution
  • Permitted Disparity
  • Comprehensive import & export features
  • Prior Year Testing
  • Safe Harbor 401(k)

Enterprise Subscriber Key Benefits:

  • Phone and Email Technical Support
  • Unlimited number of plan designs
  • Free storage of all plan designs
  • Includes Unlimited QuickPlan Presentations
  • Free entry in our TPA Directory

Prospective clients will invariably ask for a plan design to maximize the key employees' benefit and still minimize the overall contributions into the plan. The system can easily help the user design a plan with a particular budget, or a plan that will benefit the owner and other employees, or just the owner.

PscNet has the ability to illustrate the Age Weighted and the New Comparability cross-tested plans. These new plan designs can provide employers with planning opportunities not found in other plans.

PscNet also calculates The Equivalent Benefit Accrual Rates (EBARS), The Average Benefit Percentage Test, The Ratio Percentage Test, and The General Tests as described in IRC 401(a)(4).

The PSCNet system is available on a subscription basis annually and can be paid with a one time payment of $995.00 .

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express and offer a 30 Day Money Back guarantee.