Rains Plan Group, LLC

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3518 Fremont Ave. North
No. 382
Seattle, WA 98103
http://www.rainsplangroup.com Phone:206-388-4170
Email:office@rainsplangroup.com Fax:206-299-9409

About Us

Rains Plan Group provides employee benefits and workforce management solutions for employers, employees, investors and trusted advisors. We deliver and manage business solutions that minimize taxation, manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance and build and protect your wealth. Rains Plan Group's culture is one of customer-driven solutions and in the face of constantly changing laws and regulations, we are proud to be considered at the forefront of new technology and services related to the employee benefits industry. We support our clients and their trusted advisors with comprehensive education and up to date information regarding retirement plans, investments, fiduciary obligations and timely government regulatory updates. Rains Plan Group is a Rains Group Company providing comprehensive business support solutions, serving clients nationwide. With over 30 years of experience in the retirement industry and having served more than 3,500 business owners and operators, we don't just support your employee benefits needs, we promote the success of your business!