Correll Co.

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9655 S. 78th Avenue
Hickory Hills, IL 60457 Phone:708-599-5200 Fax:708-599-5356

About Us

Correll Co's 401(k) services: . recordkeeping- daily valuation of participants accounts . participant access to account information and transactions-through a toll-free automated voice response unit (VRU) or through the internet . Compliance- nondiscrimination and other compliance testing. signature ready government reports . Education and Investment Advice- provided through MasteryPoint Gidance plus . Compliance Assistance- help with the technical rules of the IRS and the Department of Labor . Service Conversion- provide a smooth transition from an existing recordkeeper ALSO Correll Co's Defined Benefit Pension Plan Services . Correll Co provided complete Actuarial, Compliance and Administrative Services for Defined Benefit Plans