Jordan & Andrews, Consultants and Actuaries

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100 Stony Point Road, Suite 216
Santa Rosa, CA 95409 Phone:707-545-1001 Fax:707-545-1029

About Us

Jordan & Andrews was established in 1981 by Jim Jordan and Bob Andrews. Partner Paul Thomson joined the firm in 1989. We have 35 employees doing work that is divided primarily between two areas: The design of qualified retirement Plans and cafeteria plans and the annual administration of such plans. Another significant part of our work is in actuarial certifications for defined benefit plans, which require the services of an enrolled actuary to calculate annually the contribution amount to fund future benefits for plan participants. Our clients include all types of businesses, including regular corporations, self-employed persons, subchapter-S corporations, partnerships and non-profit organizations. The plans range in size from 1 participant to 2,000 participants.