Sheakley Pension Administration

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100 Merchant Street, Ste 100
Cincinnati, OH 45246 Phone:513-618-1236 Fax:513-326-4661

About Us

Sheakley Pension is committed to servicing our clients in all facets of retirement plan administration. Sheakley has an experienced staff and strict internal procedures that provides the infrastructure necessary to allow our clients to concentrate on their core business. Sheakley has identified our client relationships as Plan Sponsors, Financial Advisors and Investment Companies, and thrives on servicing these parties in an accurate and timely manner. The Plan Sponsor benefits from the flexibility of utilizing specialists in each of the key areas of a retirement plan, the Financial Advisor, Investment Company and Sheakley, each of whom concentrate on their expertise to deliver an efficient and effective retirement plan. At Sheakley, there is a concentrated effort to provide unparalleled performance and service to our clients.