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E & C Employee Communication Service
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Often a company's ability to meet 401(k) plan goals is damaged by a lack of specific, individual information. It's a need which cannot be filled with summary plan descriptions, brochures, meetings and slide shows. Employees ask, "What will this mean to me now -- and in the future?"

E & C Employee Communication
2003 Standard Edition
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Their participation and choices depend on their individual ability to get answers to that question. Individual benefits statements don't do the job: they serve as informational records, and as an after-the-fact documentation of choices.

Which employers overcome this gap to help more employees participate and make greater percent contributions? Those who make plan benefits personal and concrete in terms of each employee's current and future dollar savings at the time options are elected.

Our enrollment tools empower employees to measure the impact of their choices, dollar by dollar. Until now, this most fundamental tool to help 401(k) plans reach their participation targets has been unavailable.

E & C is now available, affordable, and adaptable. It molds to your 401(k) plan. You can use the system to help employees project the specific, dollar benefits of their own individual participation in the company's plan including:

  • immediate tax savings each pay period at specific percent deductions
  • take home pay after pre-tax contributions to the plan
  • number of dollars an employee will be "ahead" by each pay period
  • projected future values of an employee's specific percent deductions
  • split of deductions into different 401(k) funds or accounts

The Enrollment and Communication Service is available on a subscription basis annually and can be paid with a one time payment of $595.00 .

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